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The wands turned out beautifully! The one pictured used 2 coats of brown paint, a little wash of black, & silver dust for the raised bits. We didn’t like the flat feel of the paint, so the wand was sealed with Mod Podge. Unfortunately, doing so removed the silver from the raised bits – a silver gel marker fixed that quite easily.

We highly recommend this activity. Be careful playing with your wand around Muggles – they just might mistake it for the real thing.

Photo :: Property of HH

A local Wizarding shop, Whimsic Alley is holding their Summer Sale.

In addition to other items, they are selling the Troll/Delta Kids Potions & Spells Kits for 30% off their normal prices! We’ve used all kits at HH, & recommend them highly. Some of the experiments can be done by tiny students, but the majority are geared to children of a proper Hogwarts age.

I do not know how long this sale is to run, so if you’re interested in the kits, I don’t recommend hesitating.

If you aren’t lucky enough to live near this fun shop, you can purchase items via their online shop. For the rest of you, they are located at 2717-1/2  Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90403. They are open daily, from 11-5, until the end of August.

 We go there on HH field trips, & the kids bring their saved galleons to purchase treats. To make a day of it, head to nearby Douglas Park (Chelsea & Wilshire) after for a picnic lunch. They have an old picnic table of Hagrid’s in the sand area – make sure to look beneath it!

~Kat has crafts just perfect for the witch or wizard in your life. On the top bar you’ll find “making.” Click on that, & it takes you to their craft section. Look to your left, & you shall see “Wizarding Certificates,” “Moody’s Mad Eye,” & even this:

Photo :: Property of HH

Here are the directions for, & the beginnings of our “Wizard’s Wands”!!! We’ve yet to paint them, but we have to say that so far the craft is fun, easy, & going exactly as they say it should. This will take you directly to the wand craft.

For each wand you need: 8.5 x 11 parchment (we used Muggle computer parchment), a low-temp glue gun, regular glue, double-sided tape, scissors, primer, & paints.

We veered a little off their directions at one point. When you snip the ends, fill your wand with stuffing. We used the generic stuffing you can find at any craft or sewing shop. Using skewers, we packed the stuffing quite tightly into the wands. That allowed us to use less glue at the ends, & gave the wand a little heft. As we added this on our own, it obviously is not necessary to make the wands.

When we’ve completed ours, I shall post photos. Once you’ve made yours, please leave a link to your photo in our comment section – we’d love to see your creations. Don’t forget: It’s levi-OH-sa, not levi-oh-SA.


In just a few days we shall be packing our trunks, & heading to the CHN Homeschool Expo!

We at Hogwarts Homeschool are very excited to be teaching a session this year. To protect the Wizard community we shall; of course; do our best to blend into the Muggle community. Our pets have been charmed to appear plastic or stuffed, our children have been instructed to do no magic whilst there.

Some of the items already packed:

Photo :: Property of HH

What is all of this? Why these are just a few items we shall be giving away as prizes in our session! We are also donating that gorgeous tote; filled with a surprise or two; to the Expo’s raffle. Some items we shall be keeping for drawings here at Hogwarts Homeschool. SO EXCITING!

I cannot divulge the name of our generous benefactor, as he has asked to remain anonymous. Needless to say, we here at HH are thrilled beyond belief to be able to share his generosity with you.

See you at the Expo!


& welcome to Hogwarts Homeschool of Witchcraft & Wizardry.

There isn’t much to see yet, as we are still in the process of learning how to work with Muggle computers.

It’s fascinating, but between Muggle gadgets not working properly in the Wizarding world, & Arthur Weasley constantly tinkering with things; well I’m afraid getting set up is taking vastly longer than we’d anticipated.

We hope to have everything ready for the start of term in Autumn. When completed, you shall find a full library, lessons in classrooms, exciting give-aways, & much more.

Until then…


hogwartshomeschool (at) gmail (dot) com

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