We would like to thank all who attended our session this past weekend!! It was the first time we’ve taken our show on the road, so greatly appreciated such a warm, friendly audience.

Over the next two weeks we shall be uploading session notes, checking that our library is complete, & adding a few Potterfied lessons to the classrooms. In the meantime, if you have any questions you are welcome to send us an e-owl.

Photo :: Property of noblecollection.com

In our session, we spoke briefly about wands; we cannot stress enough their importance. As we said on Friday, wands can be purchased, or they can be made – it’s up to you. There are two reasons we mention wands today: so you aren’t caught off guard when your little Witch or Wizard insists on them, & because of the above photo.

Isn’t it a beautiful wand? It is solidly made (holly w/a phoenix feather) & the tip actually lights! Don’t you wish you had such a wand? You can have!!!!!

This wand was one of the items donated by our generous benefactor (GB from here on.) We plan to offer it as a prize in a contest, in celebration of the start of term; details at a later date.

Thanks again for attending our session, & congrats to those who won the prizes.