HH was mentioned twice thrice! this week:

At Recycle Email there was:

Session Notes – Care of Magical Creatures
By hogwartshomeschool
You can build the houses from scratch, using items you find on nature walks, or even from your recycle bin. Better yet, you can purchase inexpensive bird houses, & embellish the day away. Paint, glitter, tiny treasures, shells, moss,
Hogwarts Homeschool – https://hogwartshomeschool.wordpress.com

Then at And sometimes I blog:

Although I missed the specific session at the Expo, I have been intrigued by the notion of doing a version of “Hogwarts Homeschooling“.

Thank you! This is even is better than the time we were mentioned in Witch Weekly! The rest of you, go visit them please.

** Edited to add another lovely mention!**

Over at A Homegrown Life

You may or may not know that I’m a big Harry Potter fan. One of the sessions I attended at the homeschooling conference was about how to homeschool Harry Potter-style.

Visit her blog for more of that post. Her passion for creating HH is fabulous!