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Today we met to set the schedule for the HH year; from what classes or field trips are on which days, to what exactly we shall be doing. It took a few hours to get everything on the calendar, but doing so means we don’t have to scramble for lessons later. In the past we would set our schedule of classes, but leave the lessons to be decided as we went. Sometimes this worked, other times it was rubbish.

We are very excited with the classes & adventures we’ve got planned! As each month approaches, we shall post the coming schedule; along with tips, ideas, & resources. Then, throughout the month we’ll share how it all went. Our hope is to have the lessons & other printables in pdf files, so you can print them without worrying over fonts & the like.

This year we shall teach the same subjects as last: Potions, Geomancy, Herbology, COMC, Transfiguration, & Dragon Study. Our new additions are: DADA, History of Magic, Astronomy, & Charms. We also have arranged projects to be sent by Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, & Molly Weasley. Exciting! I know it looks like quite a huge load of classes, but it isn’t. Remember, we shall only meet twice a month, with the rest of the Fridays being home-study classes, or field trips. Over the course of the HH year it; & with some classes only offered once or twice; it isn’t much at all.

Some tips:

* Keep a calendar with you at all times. Everyone has their own preferences, so use what works best for you. I (Kat) like a little 2-year calendar that doesn’t take up much room in my bag. You may come across an event that would enhance your HH, so why not jot it directly to your calendar?

* Ditto a small notebook. Not just for quickly writing down ideas as they come to you, but also for running lists of wants & needs. Let us say you are at a museum’s gift shop, & they are having a huge sale on art or science kits. You know there was something you wanted, but cannot recall what it was. If you have your list with you, there won’t be any struggling to remember – & if you are anything like me; having to leave without the item, because you apparently have been hit with a memory charm.

* Order supplies all at once, & invite others to join you. This is where planning your lessons before the start of term comes in handy – you needn’t waste money & time by placing smaller orders throughout the year. Having other people order with you cuts the shipping for everyone, & people appreciate not having to place orders themselves.

* Keep paper organized. You can house your lists, calendar pages, lesson plans, & any other papers in a binder or accordion file. It’s just too easy to misplace loose papers; especially in a homeschool household. We recommend you choose one you can easily take with you, so you can work on things when out in the Muggle world: during classes, practices, rehearsals, or other occasions that have you waiting for your kids. This year Pia is creating an elaborate system using an accordion file, & individual project folders.

* Boxes, baskets, & shelves are musts. You don’t want to have your HH items strewn about the home; unless you have a House Elf of course. Not only is it messy, but how ever will you find things when you need them? Shan is lucky enough to have a giant bookcase in which she can store all her HH-related books, files, & magazines. I have a thing for wooden boxes, & baskets, so that is how I keep it all in order. What for me has been most helpful is a large basket to house everything I shall need for that month. Currently in the basket: pirate books, a treasure map, a book on the Caribbean, a wooden model of a pirate ship, ‘Wizard-in-Training’ pins for the kids, my calendar, & my binder. In my homeschool file box I keep a few HH files for labels, print-outs, etc.

That’s it for today. How are you doing? Is everything set for your HH school year? Please let us know 🙂