We met last night for a planning meeting. This summer we set things up for the year, with December being the exception. Last year we learned; the hard way; that there is just too much going on that month. Sticking with our idea to have our classes mesh with the month’s theme, all December activities & classes are to be geared to the holidays.

I know we’ve only just begun November, but we HHMamas have to plan it all now. The three of us belong to an artisan co-op, & need to use all our free time (haha did i say ‘free time’?) getting ready for a December show.

So what did we plan? For the in-uniform classes they shall make ornaments out of applesauce/cinnamon dough (to give away at a party later in the month,) & they’ll build gingerbread houses. The instructions for both these activities will be posted closer to December.

The home-study class is to be a snowflake Potions lesson. We did this last year, & it was too amazing not to do again. The PDF for this will also be posted later. We’ll make sure to get it to you before December, so you’ll have plenty of time to ready your lessons.

One thing we’ll be doing this December, is something Pia came up with last year. Instead of treats for her advent calendar, she had an activity listed for each day. I tried it as well, & not only was it great fun, it didn’t add to the gift-frenzy of the holiday season. Her countdown is to Christmas, & mine to the Winter Solstice, but yours can be to whatever you’d like: Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, New Year, etc.

We did do many activities together last December, but this year we’re having them mesh with HH whenever possible. When it’s not, the kids can do them with their own families, but still have the excitement of knowing the others are doing the same. We are lucky with our HH in that our kids are the best of friends. I think that makes all of this so much more special to them.

Some other things easily Potterfied are: making clove-studded oranges, baking treats, decorating winter houses for the faeries, making soap, rolling beeswax candles for your menorah, or even writing a letter to Santa. As usual, your only limit is your imagination. If you have an activity, or field trip you want to do, but just cannot think of how to Potterfy it, you are always welcome to e-owl us for help.

Make it easy on yourself this holiday season, & incorporate what you’ll already be doing into HH. Nothing ruins the holidays like a mama who is too busy to enjoy it herself. If your students are small, don’t forget that visiting Santa Claus is very HH – according to my son, he’s an even more powerful wizard than Dumbledore πŸ™‚


We’ll be resuming classes this week, so will be able to get back to regular HH lessons & information. Thanks for being so patient!


** Edited to add :: Christmastime is important in the world of Harry Potter. To get into the spirit; or for ideas more closely linked to the story; check out the chapters that take place during Christmas. **