We here at HH are insanely busy. So much so that if we had time to make cocktails, we’d start drinking now, & not stop until 2009. If that feeling is remotely familiar to you, we advise you do yourself a favor, & begin Potterfying your holiday activities. Still sound like too much work? Do what we did: have the kids dress in their uniforms, & go on a field trip.

A few weeks ago they had a COMC field trip to a miniatures shop. Our kids are mad for The Borrowers, & each keeps his/her own dollhouse for the illusive little people. This trip was not only to see what amazing miniatures there were out there, but to give them ideas for what they themselves can make.

Being so close to the holidays, we HHMamas took turns sneakily purchasing tiny treasures for them. Um… them the kids, not them the borrowers.

Think of all the things to be learned via the world of miniatures. There is scale, architecture, history, furniture styles, & if you are lucky enough to work on a posh dollhouse you can learn how to wire it! Our kids are not so lucky.


So what is going on near you? Where would you usually be going this time of year, or where have you always wanted to take the kids? First make a list of where you want to go, then sit down with your calendar, & choose your dates. That really is the hard part. Potterfying is easy once you get started; & like I said at the beginning of this post; if you are too overwhelmed with holiday spirit just put them in their uniforms, & head out the door.


Tip: If you have a Waldorf school near you, go to their winter faire. They usually focus on a magical winter; faeries, elves, gnomes; rather than a religious holiday. (If you live in Los Angeles, you can meet the HHMamas at Ocean Charter’s Winter Faire: December 13th 12606 Culver Blvd., Mar Vista. We’ll be in the Dragonfly Artisans booth.)