I know I said I’d be able to get loads of lessons & ideas to you whilst brewing my new little Wizard. Sadly that didn’t prove to be the case. We are less than 2 weeks from his arrival, & not only am I too busy for HH; both here & in person; I now have a horrid pestilence. Where is Madame Pomfrey when I need her?

Because my family shall be busy falling madly in love with our new one, there will be no new posts until late August. We’ll mark our return with a fabulous give-away though! How is that for bribery to ensure you’ll stick around?

For now I have something wonderful to share with you. Pia has gorgeous Fairy items for sale in her shop!!!!

I hope you’re enjoying your summer session, & that your days are filled with adventure, knowledge, & magic!

~Prof. Kat