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Here you shall find links to the wonderful books & websites our Professors use to teach their classes. As with our library here at Hogwarts Homeschool, books & websites are arranged on the shelves by category. For example: if you are searching for a spell that will turn a liquid to foam, you would look in “Potions.” Thank you for visiting, & please remember to keep your voice down. ~ Irma Pince, Librarian



Backyard Astronomy                                                                      



Math Wizardry



Word Wizardry   Wizard’s Code Writing Kit   Puzzles


Dragon Studies

Dragonology    Dragonology Handbook   Tales of Great Dragons   The Dragons Are Singing Tonight   The Dragon Chronicles



A Kid’s Herb Book   The Amateur Naturalist (Durrel, G.)   Amazing Nature Experiments



Gemstones   Geology Rocks!


Care of Magical Creatures

Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide   Care & Feeding of Sprites   Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them   Notebook for Fantastical Observations  Owl Puke   Betta Talk



Science Wizardry   365 More Experiments  730 Easy Experiments   Icy (etc) Experiments   Awesome (etc) Experiments


General Wizard Studies

The WandMaker’s Guidebook   Dad Can Do   Wizardology   Ology World   Wizardology Handbook   The Book of Wizard Craft



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Official Ministry Decree

Hogwarts Homeschool was created to help homeschooling families build a magical world in which to educate their children. We are not affiliated with JK Rowling, Warner Bros., Bloomsbury, or Scholastic, nor do we imply rights to characters or images. Any content within that is not created by us shall have the owner listed alongside their creation. All who wish to hold their own Hogwarts at home are welcome to use what we share, but must give full credit back to us, or the listed owner. Remember: Mrs. Norris is watching you!

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