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Our kids keep Herbariums: think Wizardy version of a Nature Journal. Pia tells them what to look for, they choose their plants, & draw what they see in their Herbariums. They then look up information on their chosen plants, & write down what they’ve learned.

Because neither kid takes their Herbarium & colored pencils wherever they go, they often miss out on fabulous opportunities to study plants that catch their eye.

My first thought was to just keep a few zip-baggies with us, like we do when we go exploring. The more I thought on it though, the more i realized they needed something that would do better at keeping the specimens flat until they were back home. Enter the Herbology Collection Booklet!

collection booklet 1

For each booklet you’ll need:

5 snack size zip-baggies * 2 pieces of card stock * masking tape * scissors * ruler * sewing machine

collection booklet 2

Place the bottom of each zip-baggie halfway onto a strip of masking tape, cut the tape at the end of the baggie, & fold it up, over the other side. This is to give the baggies extra strength. If you want to omit this step, I’m sure you’ll be fine. No angry Owls if you choose to skip taping, & havoc ensues.

collection booklet 3

Fold your card stock in half, place a baggie inside, & measure a minimum of 1/4 inch around the top, bottom, & outer edge. Cut your card stock; with fancy shears if you like. You’ll need the other piece cut as well, but you can use the first as your template instead of measuring.

collection booklet 4

Open one of your pieces of stock, stack your baggies, & place them (tape side in) to the right of your crease. Stitch straight down the center of the masking tape on your sewing machine.

For extra sturdiness, glue your booklet inside your second piece of folded card stock. Again, you can skip this step if you want. Attach ribbon to keep it closed,  & head out to the wilderness!

collection booklet 5

Some notes: Your needle will get gooey, so toss it after you’ve created your booklets. Use a chip/crisp clip to hold your baggies still whilst sewing them. You can use a decorated piece of cereal box in lieu of the outer piece of stock if you like. If you make your booklet slightly larger on the outer edge, you can affix a sticky velcro tab, & just skip the ribbon. Only pick plants from places it is legal – when in doubt, take a photo instead.

The one pictured is a test booklet. The kids shall be getting official-looking, Hogwartsy Booklets of course – that’s the plan at any rate 😉

If you chose to make Collection Booklets; either for or with your kids; please send us photos!

~ Prof. Kat



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